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Well hello there.

Our October Newsletter is out, packed with useful information as always.

This time around we talk to George Villars of Handley Industries. He’s a Kiwi, but don’t hold that against him, especially since they creamed us in the Ruggers WC. Handleys manufacture a low-foaming flooring adhesive and vapour barrier, and they consult very closely with industry in the development of their products. We like dealing with them, and their products are world class.

As the Timber Flooring industry becomes more efficient and self-regulating, competency and technical standards are being tightened. One such standard is that of moisture/ vapour barriers and the testing required to be as proactive as possible in warding post-installation problems. George was in town to make a presentation to another ATFA trade evening (put on with no small amount of help from Lagler) on the subject of glue-down to concrete.

Moisture testing methods, parameters and the correct use of vapour retardants and other moisture mitigation systems were discussed, and our newsletter goes into more detail. To put it bluntly, these things are not going to get any easier so it’s time to get clued up.

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