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Primatech Nailers

When it comes to secret nailers, Lagler Australia stand by the PRIMATECH brand.

Beautifully crafted in Canada, this range has everything you want. These are proper cleat nails, not staples, although the new P250 Pneumatic can fire staples.

The most popular overlay nailer is the Primatech Q500 Manual. It fires the perfect depth with an easy hit, using 18 gauge 32 or 38mm.

q500 overlay

For the solid boards 19mm and over you can use the H330 Manual Nailer. It’s a multi-hit, but you don’t have to bash the you-know-what out of it to make it fire.

Both the overlay and the solid-board nailers have pneumatic versions, the Q550 (overlay) and P240/ 250 (19mm).

These nailers are exceptional quality and start with a bit of change from $600.


Eat my Dust. Or not…

This is just a reminder. There’s no such thing as totally dust-free floor sanding.

If there was, it would be the Hummel. Lagler’s Hummel, Trio and Flip are proven to be 99.9% dust free.

The amount of dust they leave behind equates to a pinprick in a basketball court.

Check out some of Lagler’s latest instructional videos.

Neat edger cable trick

Here’s a neat trick if you haven’t already thought of it. Tired of that edger cable constantly getting in the way, and afraid of running over it and killing yourself or someone else?

Simply get a thick wire (or laminated coathanger wire if available) and bend it in such a way to hook it into your back pocket, and hoist up the cable behind you.

Tip and pic courtesy of Hardwood Floors Mag (USA)

Buffer News

Polivac International have just launched a YouTube channel, showcasing their fine range of Aussie made buffers, sanders and burnishers.

It can be found here.

In other buffing related news, many of you now know that the Canterbury Sander and parts are in short supply due to internal issues beyond the control of Lagler and the other Canterbury distributors.

We will keep you posted of any developments.

MACHINE TRADE NIGHT- free free free free


Pencil in this date: THURSDAY 9th September.

This is the next FREE, that’s right, FREE trade night to be put on by the ATFA. It will involve free feed, grog and softies, dancing girls* and trade discounts.

It’s a “big machine” night- a showcase of all the main floor sanding machine importers and manufacturers in Australia. You can see new technology demonstrated, and get loads of technical advice about the new, or the old. Bring along your questions about your own machine and have them answered.

It’s at Homesglen TAFE, that date again- Tuesday 9th September. Did we mention it’s FREE?

For details contact David at Tulla on (03) 9330 3330

*dancing girls may not turn up.