ANZAC Friendship game, Vietnam

As mentioned in a previous post, Lagler Australia are sponsors of the VIETNAM SWANS.

Recently, Lagler’s Cameron Luke took the trip to Vung Tau, the place where it all began during the Vietnam War, and took part in some of the footy festivities as build-up to the traditional ANZAC Friendship Match.

The teams line up to do battle

This year, the friendly was slugged out between the Vietnam Swans and the China Reds. A full report can be found on the Swannies’ website.

A swan practices at the “Lagler End” of the legendary Vung Tau oval.

As for Cameron’s game, he was just glad to survive. “It was oppresively hot” he said afterwards.

Cameron makes it through to the best bit

Spare a thought for the China Reds though- they had enjoyed snow in China three weeks earlier, and now had to contend with searing Vietnamese heat and a pumped up bunch of Swans!

The Reds lost, but as the saying goes, it isn’t who wins and loses. It’s about how much money the matches raised for vital community projects in Vietnam- such as swimming lessons for the kids. They also raised money for some key orphanages. One in particular is run by My Huong Le, an Aussie woman born in Vietnam during the war, and given up by her Vietnamese mother to be raised by a foster family in Australia. She eventually returned to Vietnam, found her mother and established an orphanage in Vung Tau.

We will be posting more about My Huong as we go. Lagler Australia are determined to garner some support for My Huong’s work. Meanwhile, her touching story can be found here.

Vung Tau oval, where diggers first played AFL during the Vietnam War.

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