Next week it’s ANZAC day. Make sure you Raise A Glass.

LAGLER AUSTRALIA MD Cameron Luke is off to Vietnam to do his bit. Lagler Australia sponsor the Vietnam Swans, an AFL team in a growing Asian league made up of Aussie expats and workers.

Diggers playing at Vung Tau in 1968

What sparked Cameron’s affection for the Swannies (despite being a dyed-in-the-wool Blues man back home) was their link to the Aussie diggers. The Swannies’ home oval is Vung Tau, the very place where Aussie diggers bounced off during the Vietnam war.

Vietnam Swans in action at Vung Tau in 2010

The Swans have raised money for various charities in Vietnam, including swimming lessons for Vietnamese kids, where drowning is a huge problem.

The Swannies famous ANZAC DAY FRIENDSHIP MATCH is taking place on Saturday April 21st, between the Swannies and the China Reds. Cam will be there to wave the flag for the Swannies, Lagler, and our Aussie diggers.


One response to “ANZAC DAY

  1. Go the Swannies!

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