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New website launched!

It’s alive!!

Our comprehensive new-look site is up and running on Pop in and have a look.

We now have three main sections on the home page, to direct homeowners, architects, and last but most definitely not least, contractors.

While we have produced information for the homeowner, we have not changed our main business focus of serving the contractor. In fact, much of the info and FAQs on the homeowner page are there to give you, the contractor, more resources with which to serve your customers.

For example, we now have PDF downloads of handy information sheets on staining, and layman’s descriptions of the different categories of coatings. If your customer wants to know, direct them to our site.

Architects and specifiers, there is a wealth of knowledge on the best products for your projects.

Contractors, check out the detailed ACCESSORIES page. You might find something you didn’t know we had! It’s there for you, so use it!


Next week it’s ANZAC day. Make sure you Raise A Glass.

LAGLER AUSTRALIA MD Cameron Luke is off to Vietnam to do his bit. Lagler Australia sponsor the Vietnam Swans, an AFL team in a growing Asian league made up of Aussie expats and workers.

Diggers playing at Vung Tau in 1968

What sparked Cameron’s affection for the Swannies (despite being a dyed-in-the-wool Blues man back home) was their link to the Aussie diggers. The Swannies’ home oval is Vung Tau, the very place where Aussie diggers bounced off during the Vietnam war.

Vietnam Swans in action at Vung Tau in 2010

The Swans have raised money for various charities in Vietnam, including swimming lessons for Vietnamese kids, where drowning is a huge problem.

The Swannies famous ANZAC DAY FRIENDSHIP MATCH is taking place on Saturday April 21st, between the Swannies and the China Reds. Cam will be there to wave the flag for the Swannies, Lagler, and our Aussie diggers.


The Plane Truth

Here’s a really cool new product, as featured in our latest NEWSLETTER.

We just call them surface planers.

Sometimes those coating imperfections such as embedded hairs, dust, runs, blobs or bits of grit are a little too much to simply explain away to the customer as normal, run-of-the-mill blemishes. These little blocks with their high-quality chrome vanadium steel blades (double-sided for long life) will finely and discreetly lop off the surface imperfections. In subdued gloss coatings they will scarcely leave a mark, and save you the need for any greater remedial action.

They’re made in Germany by Heinrich Koenig, so you know they are top quality. They even have their own leather carry pouches. You know you must have one!


Newsletter Time

HUMMINGS is finally out in 2012, after some delays (caused by creative differences between the 20 professional journalists who put it together*).

It contains lots of pics from the latest ATFA skills program, as well as some cool new products and advice on sanding parquetry. Click on the funny coloured text below to download your copy.


*may not be true