Monthly Archives: March 2012

Neat edger cable trick

Here’s a neat trick if you haven’t already thought of it. Tired of that edger cable constantly getting in the way, and afraid of running over it and killing yourself or someone else?

Simply get a thick wire (or laminated coathanger wire if available) and bend it in such a way to hook it into your back pocket, and hoist up the cable behind you.

Tip and pic courtesy of Hardwood Floors Mag (USA)

Buffer News

Polivac International have just launched a YouTube channel, showcasing their fine range of Aussie made buffers, sanders and burnishers.

It can be found here.

In other buffing related news, many of you now know that the Canterbury Sander and parts are in short supply due to internal issues beyond the control of Lagler and the other Canterbury distributors.

We will keep you posted of any developments.