Lagler’s Virtual Horse Power

Just for a bit of fun…

Some of our regular customers may remember Tulla branch manager Patrick Atherton’s exploits in Superkart racing back in the late ‘Noughties.

Sadly, he had to give it away due to, among other things, a family member’s growing interest in horses. Horses, as you all know, are ridiculously more expensive that anything motorised. In fact they are more expensive than just about anything up to stuff owned by oil sheiks.

To satisfy his speed fix, Atherton now races in the worlds’ top online motorsport simulation, iRacing.

Iracing is an online service with a worldwide range of cars and tracks, all laser scanned to within millimetres of digital accuracy, with a fiendlishly difficult level of physics realism and competition.

One of the more popular marques in iRacing’s, um, stable, is the Aussie V8 Supercar. It now has a burgeoning weekly competition frequented by real-world V8 racers Shane Van Gisbergen, Scott McLaughlin, Dean Canto, Nick Percat, Tony D’Alberto, and others.  They reckon its the best form of training for their real-world stuff, not to mention cheaper, and less painful when you crash.

This online competition is officially sanctioned by V8 Supercars Australia.

In any case, it means that part-time rev-head and Lagler MD Cameron Luke finally gets to put his company name on a V8 Supercar. For somewhat less than it costs to own a horse.

That's Van Gisbergen behind (well, he was on a slow-down lap...)



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