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We’re not into Multiculturalism

Now before you call the Equal Opportunities Commission or whatever new beauracracy is handling such matters at the minute, we’re talking about mixing products.

Quite often contractors will find themselves at a job with insufficient quantities of the products required. So they will ask us if they can put conversion varnish on top of polyurethane, water based on top of solvent based, two pack on single pack, and a partridge in a pear tree, just to finish the job.

The short answer is NO. Neither the wholesaler or the manufacturer can, or should, warrant your work in the case of ANYTHING going wrong, and we do mean anything. It could be delamination, excessive and early yellowing, frying, orange peeling, bubbling, tackiness, or bird flu.

(That last one was a joke. We couldn’t warrant you against bird flu even if you don’t mix products)

Would you rather put your customer off for another day so you can stock up on the right gear, or spend another three days on a full resand?

However, in times of desperation, some contractors at least want to know if their planned undertaking has been done before, and if the person in question got away with it. We can only answer honestly if we know of any such thing. But that doesn’t mean you should still go and do it- see the above paragraph!


Sorry we didn’t post these earlier.



Note especially the June edition contains a comprehensive article on drum maintenance. Ever been puzzled by those “waves” which occur on your jobs occasionally? You might find the answer in the June edition.