Revolutionary new product that will change the face of floor sanding forever

We are about to launch a new product which is quite remarkable. Not often do we witness such a genuinely unique innovation in an industry replete with repetition.

SWIRL-MARK FREE POLYURETHANE is about to hit the shelves. That’s right- this incredible coating will guarantee NO SWIRL MARKS upon cutting back.

The patented Scratchmodic Sphagnum Resin component will ensure that no matter how hard you abrade with your buffer, or how bright are the halogen down-lights, any swirl marks dug into the coating will bounce right out!

Try as they might, your customers will never see cobwebs in the finished coating, even if they are a forensic anthropologist with one of those cool neon light torches like the ones you see on CSI Miami which shows up blood and other yucky bodily fluids- no, SWIRL-MARK FREE POLY will have them baffled as to how you do it- and they’ll have to pay you!

The manufacturer is also undergoing R & D on a range of Dust-Free Polyurethane, Moisture-Incurable Instantly Dry Polyurethane, Variable Gloss Level (matt and gloss per square metre), and Stripey.

These products are expected to be released following an intensive testing regime, on April 1st 2012.


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