Monthly Archives: February 2011

Buying Machines

Gday all and happy new year.

The Christmas season always puts a rush on, and it spills over into the new year. Some folks are even having to update/ expand their machinery range.

If cash or cash flow is the issue, we might be able to help. Our business partners Flexirent Minilease is to date the most cost effective and hassle-free way of acquiring new machinery if you can’t come up with the dollars instantly by your own means.

Put simply, it’s not “finance” as such, technically it’s hire-purchase. You pay for an agreed period (minimum 3 years) buy-out with a residual payment at the end, and voila, the machines are yours. There are no penalties for buying out early, either.

On a new Hummel, the payments can be as little as $230 per month.

The residual ranges from 5%- 15% of the purchase cost, and tax benefits can be had on the monthly payments. After tax, the surplus is quite minimal. Naturally, consult your accountant about the finer details.