Monthly Archives: September 2010

More cold weather stuff

Many regions are experiencing some unprecedented cold snaps. It seems to coincide with Al Gore flying into town to tell us how warm the planet is getting. I’m telling you, the guy is a sadist.

Victoria is no exception. For the floorsanding contractor, the same old spectre of coatings issues rears it’s ugly head, seemingly with different kinds of ugliness every year.

Many guys get the message about ambient warmth, i.e. turning on whatever heating is available. But remember, the main issue here is not so much ambient (air) temperature, but THE TEMPERATURE OF THE FLOOR ITSELF.

We’ve seen cases of waterbased coatings crystallising due to extreme cold in the floor. Where possible, make sure the floor itself is warmed up. Don’t rush it. Also, with any coating, be it water based or solvent based, giving it a bath in a laundry tub full of warm water will help.

(Applying a blow torch or naked flame is NOT recommended!).

Tuff Trade Night


Coming soon- two product info nights, at Tulla and Knox respectively.

To coincide with the release of the new TUFF DECK, the only high-build, genuine gloss polyurethane for outdoor decks.

If you’re a TUFFCOAT user and want more how-to advice on any of TUFFCOAT’s products, you should come along. Even if you’re not a TUFFCOAT user, come along anyway. As always, Lagler Australia’s info nights are always technically useful.

TULLAMARINE NIGHT: Thursday, October 14th.

KNOXFIELD NIGHT: Thursday, October 21st.

OTHER KEY DATES TO NOTE: Bathurst 1000 is October 10th (providing the AFL Grand Final isn’t still going by then).