Monthly Archives: June 2010

More trade nights

Sorry the blog postings have been a bit few and far between recently. This is on account of the EOFY stuff and the fact that we’ve had more trade nights.

The most recent show-and-tell was June 17 and 24th at Tulla and Knox respectively, for the Traditional Stain and Synteko combo.

Direct staining is making quite the comeback. Certainly this new waterbased stain from Traditional Stain Co creates a far more genuine appearance than the “tinted” look of a roll-on stain. But, and there’s always a catch, the wipe-on wipe-off method is the only way to achieve this look.

As we’ve always said, the more thorough the job and the more specialist the outcome, the more you can charge. Learning how to wipe-on and wipe-off stain is a must do for anyone wishing to advance.

We’ve got some great samples of the traditional stain outcome at Tulla or Knox, so drop in for a look.