ATFA Trade Night- Free !


To coincide with the visitation of our American guests for the renowned ATFA US Skills School, the ATFA are holding a general trade information night. It’s free, and nothing formal, but might be a chance for you to ask the experts everything you were afraid to ask your mother.

It’s TOMORROW NIGHT, Wednesday May 19th, at Homesglen TAFE (Bldg 2, Level 2, Room 21). 6pm until later.

Yes there will be free food and beverages. I knew you would ask that.


2 responses to “ATFA Trade Night- Free !

  1. hello
    i missed the trade information night on wednesday,19th.
    are there going to be any more of these sessions? or other sessions that teach/give information on floor sanding?

    i wanted to find out more about coating and polishing-where might i find more information on ‘how to’ of these techniques?

  2. Hi there

    No doubt ATFA will put on another general information night, to coincide with the training schools in the future. But the best way to learn about coating and polishing is to enroll in one of those training schools, via the ATFA (

    The info nights are more useful to seasoned operators as they assume some prior knowledge.

    For some printed info on floor sanding, go to our European partner site, go to the downloads section. You’ll have to register, but it’s free and easy and they do have some documents on floor sanding tips.

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