Floating Floors Finished Fully

Now, we must be careful when we talk about floating floors. We don’t want owners etc. getting sensitive at the fact that they’re not the same as solid timber boards. I was a little too hard on my aunty for getting them put down instead of solid timber. Everything has it’s place and there are some pretty decent looking floating floors out there, within a broad range of prices. In fact, some of them are as pricey as solid timber floors. There’s an irony in that which…..never mind.

One of the main downsides to floating floors, for the solid timber enthusiast, is that as individually coated boards, the fully installed floor is not sealed as a whole, in situ. However, this is possibly about to become a thing of the past. Intergrain have come up with a coating especially designed for floating floors.

For some time, solid timber flooring contractors have occasionally dabbled in coating a fully installed floating floor, with varying results. The fact is most solvent based coatings are a little perilous on the compacted multi-layered pre-finished coatings which are most often acrylics. Water based coatings are preferable, but even a light sand on a floor which isn’t mechanically anchored down is also dangerous, considering also the thin veneer of sandable timber.

Intergrain reckon this application requires no pre-sanding or priming. It’s available is gloss or satin, which is handy since most floating floor gloss levels are fairly flat.*

There are many applications for this, either for new or old worn floaters. Laminates, however, can’t really be coated by anything so don’t try it with this stuff. By the way, I’m not having a go at laminates. Don’t write in about that.

If anyone’s used it, contact us or drop a comment and let us know what you think.

*”Flat” is not intended as a derogatory word. It means “low sheen”. In fact, we happen to love the smooth, unblemished look of pre-finish. Really. Don’t write in about that either…

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