– Rumour quashed

Coldplay had a hit song once, about an old solvent based coated floor which copped too much natural light. The chorus went

“…and it was all yellow”

However, contrary to some rumours which have been doing the rounds, Synteko Classic does not yellow.

We’re not having a crack at solvent-based polys.  We sell ’em. Everything has it’s place. But the fact is, they do go yellow/ orange over time and more so with sunlight. Synteko comes out of the container with a slightly amber colour. That’s how it is. Once you put it on the floor, it does not discolour through exposure to light. Perhaps, when referring to “yellowing”,  some people are getting confused between ongoing discolouration and the coatings’ natural shelf colour.

The timber itself can also discolour with the light. Synteko may darken slightly, but not yellow. It really does bring out the natural colour of the timber.

Another important point about Synteko Classic is that it is not a conventional solvent based poly. It’s an acid-curing alkyd resin (not to be confused with an “Al-Kyda” resin which is made by terrorists). It’s otherwise known as a “conversion varnish”. Here’s the basic difference: Solvent polys are able to be “reactivated”. Even a fully cured coating can be converted back to a liquid state if you douse it with enough strong solvents. You know when you’re re-coating an old floor, that it’s sometimes neccessary to make it a little tacky, so that the subsequent coating can bond.

Synteko cures permanently. You can’t reactivate it with any assault from the strongest solvents. It’s for this reason that Synteko can be the cure for many coating ills, such as adhesion issues or rejection problems.

Comment with your experiences or ideas.

2 responses to “– Rumour quashed

  1. Why did you have to use Coldplay? Why not Tony whatsisname and “tie a yellow ribbon”?

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