– Launching Lagler’s blog

Welcome to Lagler’s new blog. We’re a bit new to wordpress, what with Lagler’s resident techno-geek being a bit of a blogspot fan. We’ve heard that all the smart, intelligent types use wordpress. But we thought, what the heck, let’s use it anyway…

We hope to regularly supply newsletters, new products, technical bulletins, expert advice and warnings on this blog forum and we welcome comments and suggestions from all comers.

The comments forum is an excellent platform for exchanging ideas or experiences, however we must stress the disclaimer that nothing in the comments forum is endorsed or recommended by Lagler Australia unless otherwise specified. Any advice taken is done so at the reader’s own risk, and we will delete anything offensive, inflammatory or misleading.

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5 responses to “– Launching Lagler’s blog

  1. Hi, this is wordpress. You’re right, all the smart people use wordpress. Keep up the good work

  2. hi all
    like your blog good idea
    my question is how do you prevent chatter marks on floors bsome floors seem to show more especially large open areas

    • It depends on what type of machine you use. If you’ve got a drum sander, chatter is unavoidable so you have to do more buffing to get rid of them. Maybe drop a grit on the buffer, from what you’d normally use, to dig out the chatter. If it’s a belt sander, well, some of them chatter inherently as well. Same solution.

      But we can only speak for the Hummel Belt Sander- they don’t chatter. If they do, it’s because it needs servicing and a drum pressure adjustment.

      Either way, if you’re stuck with chatter there’s no easy way, other than to spend more time with the buffer. The more expensive and heavier buffers, like the Trio or the Single, will do all the finishing sanding, including getting rid of chatter marks, much quicker. That’s why they cost more.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Try using the 16″ canterbury polishers. available from Lagler

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